Bohlool Gaffary, managing director of Payara Shoe Company was born in 1328 in a religious family. He got a job in Shoe Industry at the age of eleven and served as an apprentice by great craftsmen like Mr.Sedghi and learned needed skills. He began manufacturing shoe with his craftsman in 1344.

صنایع چرم غفاری

At that time, establishment of Melli Shoe Company led to the reduction of footwear Industry briskness but he was succeed to inject fresh blood into shoe industry by producing Sport Shoe. After Islamic grand revolution and kinds of boycotts, raw material was reduced. So, for independency he began to produce Granule and Footwear Outsole. By producing outsole by the quantity of 1000 pairs daily and purchasing 3500 pairs outsole on the part of Tehran centers and also supply of it in Tabriz market, about 220 small industry units have built in Tabriz Shoe Industry that meanwhile almost 700 persons entered this great industry directly.

Bohlool Gaffary took an action for foundation of Payara Shoe factory in 1374. In 1377, by importation of Chinese shoes into Iran market, unfortunately, the industry began to decline and numerous fellow and beloved members become broke in this space and most of them said goodbye to the industry but by his consistency in this way and buying new machineries he enlivens this industry and according to his statement he could be able to take however small but big action.

In 1380, by producing numerous industrial safety shoes, casual shoes, men and women ones and importing machineries from Italy into the factory, quality control and also improvement of shoe quality , Payara shoe Company was succeed to be taken into his competitors consideration and to compete them.

کفش پای آراکفش جنتل

Finally, in 1386, this struggling came to it's highest point and by importing new set of machineries and new technology and updating the production by Italian and Turkish experts resulted in producing chamber leather footwear outsoles and improvement of ancient hand-sewn leather shoe industry of Tabriz in high circulation and production of high quality sport shoes that just now lays a claim to the reduction of overseas brands importation statistics into the country.

Payara products have a considerable share in the region shoe market and by exporting to the countries such as Azerbaijan Republic, Iraq and Kazakhstan are still one of the beater poles of shoe industry in Iran.

صنایع چرم غفاری

Having national standard of Iran and 350 personnel of the best fellow citizens who are cooperating with us in the company.

Acquisition of old timer example of the country in 1381 from Industry Development Congress by managing director of the company (Bohlool Gaffary), receiving certification of supreme challenger of the country from the hand of heads of state in economical jihad time and several other honor and innovation were in the 51 years trouble of the man who was great and it is to be said that just now he has achieved his wish and produced a good result of himself. It is evident that using his experience the management of the company posterity will achieve to the success peak.